Happiness - Ode to Simplicity

 I am not an important person. My life is not very exciting. Nothing about me is special or particularly interesting.  I don't have much stuff and nothing of great value. Yet I wake up in the morning with peaceful stillness in my mind. I delight in feeling my breath move through my body. I stretch my spine until it tingles. When I get up I move mindfully and enjoy each motion. I find pleasure in the little things. I see magic everywhere - I see nature everywhere. I don't linger on past events and I spend little thought on the future. I don't worry much because I don't need much.  I love all life. I am happy.


Happiness is the ability to consciously feel the eternal bliss of life. This is what everyone is unknowingly searching for. To feel life or to feel alive. Dancers feel alive as soon as the music begins. Skydivers feel alive as soon as they're in the air. They are in the present moment. Their focus is completely in the now. They are happy. A moment of simplicity. These are just two examples of many. But what if the music stops or when back on the ground? We are quickly drawn back to life's drama:  the virtual world of our thinking mind. This upsets our connection to life's energy. 


Is it possible to be happy all the time? Sure. Even when challenged by life, if you can keep your connection to life's vibrancy, you will be able to meet your trials from a much more confident place because you feel your own potency. To keep the connection you need to be aware when your mind tries to draw your attention into the drama world of speculative thinking. Resisting this pull requires strong power of concentration and mind control. 


 We have been conditioned to believe that happiness comes with a price tag. The more money, power or stuff, etc. we have the more joyful we will be. This is largely how our world functions. But happiness cannot be found in the outside world. It is a matter of our inner world. It is available for free. Nobody has the power to sell it to you and nobody has the power to withhold it from you. It is already in you. Happiness is not having a Porsche or a Gucci bag. Happiness is not needing a Porsche or a Gucci bag. 






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    Kalyani (Tuesday, 31 October 2017 05:19)

    I Love your message�Although i am practicing for almost 14 years still all These messages inspired me more to have my practice! Thank you so much��

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    nobody (Wednesday, 10 October 2018 14:07)

    Your blog and TouTube channel are brilliant.

    Regarding consumerism and 'stuff': see www.theminimalists.com . Perhaps you will agree with some of their ideas.



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    Frank (Sunday, 02 December 2018 16:22)

    Hi Flocke,

    Thanks for all your postings. Inspiring.

    If I may ask, did you ever practice eye-yoga? The subject has my interest.


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    Deane (Wednesday, 05 December 2018 04:58)

    So happy to have discovered you. Your practice and writing are an inspiration.