Yoga Flocke

I am an Ashtanga yoga practitioner and  I have been practicing daily for several years. I have made many pilgrimages to India and honored the Ashtanga Yoga parampara. Although much has changed along the way, to me the clarity of yoga always remains the same.


I have completed the fourth series of the Ashtanga System, which is something I never anticipated when I started yoga.  My background is neither athletic nor spiritual.  I sought out yoga simply to avoid knee surgery. However, it was not the physical practice that made me stick to it. 

With time, my ability to concentrate has increased in such a way that I have become aware of the power my mind had over me. I have realized the illusion of needless thinking and drama. 


Most importantly, I don’t really make that much of myself and my existence because of course it will not last. I have learned to see this inevitebility as a gift of freedom which has taken the fear out of my life and helped me see through my own conditioning. Once this simple truth is realised, life becomes the blast it was meant to be. Now I am living  so totally and I am feeling so complete that when death comes - I’m done.



Human beings are naturally happy, fearless and free.

For a long time has the illusion of our thoughts suppressed our free spirit.

Yoga is the path back to our roots .

- Yoga Flocke -

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